Computer Science 1

This is my webpage for computer science 1. We are learning C#.
It is difficult to learn but its what
I call hard fun

Goodbye Project


in our first project, we began to learn coding and the structure of the program we used tools such as picture boxes and buttons.

About page


in this project we continued to get used to the program through the use of various buttons and mechanics. This created an about page.

Mailing Label


in this project we learned how to output buttons and textboxes. Lets the user output to a mailing label.

Car Rental 1


This project calculates the cost in renting cars based on the number of days driven and mileage.

BMI Calculator


This project calculates BMI with the weight and height that is given.

Car Rental 2


This project calculates the cost of renting a car based on the number of days driven, miles driven, and the type of car.

Test Score


This project compares the grades of two tests and gives the letter grade for each score .

Dice Roller


This project rolls two dice and calculates the sum and the probability of getting the sum .

Crabs Game


This project lets the user play a game called craps .



in this project we learned how to keep trank of a subtotal with multiple items and keeping track of total sales, total customers and average sale.

Slot Machine


This project is a slot machine that you can spin to earn money. .

Rock Paper Scissors


This project is a rock paper scissor game for 2 users

Fish Project


This project allows the users to randomly move a fish to the left or the right .